Southerly storm hits the Valley

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Photo by @TaraMerriman From Eastbourne

Southerly Front approaching Wgtn as seen from Petone. on Twitpic

Photo by @stevebiddle Southerly from Petone

Today at 4.45pm a Southerly weather bomb hit. Heavy rain with strong winds and a temperature drop of 10 degrees occurred within half an hour.

It took about an hour for reports to filter through. Damage to roofs (St Bernards College Waterloo Road lost roof sheeting) trees and fences down, power outages, surprised many with the verocity of the front.

A tree down on the rail lines between Woburn and Waterloo railway stations caused about 2 hour delays to commuters returning from Wellington.

By 7pm the front had passed with clear skies opening up over the valley.

Other photos here from around Wellington.

Hutt Valley: Upper & Lower Hutt experiencing record temperatures

Record high temperature for Upper Hutt

By ROSEMARY McLENNAN – Upper Hutt Leader

Upper Hutt’s temperature of almost 20 degrees celsius on Saturday, August 15, rivalled the highest for any August since 1947.

NIWA’s only Upper Hutt weather station – at Wallaceville – recorded 19.9 degrees on August 15.

The highest August temperature at the station since records stated there in 1939 was 20.0 degrees in 1947.

The highest winter temperature at the station was 20.2 degrees in June 1973.

Following on from this, last Saturday in Lower Hutt was 20 degrees.

Is it me or are the temperatures for this time of year way above average for this time of year. Must go and do some more research, but it seems we have quickly moved from the depths of Winter in late July to temperatures that are extremely mild, equally the rainfall is way down for this time of year.

Is that the reason for the spate of earthquakes as well, so says my mum.

Well as I said some more research needed, but if this continues expect a drought come February March 2010. I said it here first.