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If news is important to you, no doubt you have subscribed to many Facebook community pages, from around the Hutt Valley.

This also isn’t the Hutt News Newspaper web site, it is a news site with a video slant on the goings on in the Hutt Valley. Gleaned from all my sources, and hopefully yours.

That’s our job, bringing it to you first via Twitter and then via this Website as more detail occurs.

Local News, Events, Activities, Current and Commercial Affairs relevant to the people of the Hutt Valley and its suburbs.

Stories about the Hutt and its people.

Some will be current, some will be background with the story developing. Some stories we won’t even touch.

Sport is one area we know we cannot offer or beat what is out there on the web.

Sometimes will be opinionated, biased, but also are open to criticism.

Hell, we don’t know it all, but we like to discuss it. From this everyone including  me, will be better informed. So on that mandate,

The right to:  

Tell only part of the story because the beauty of  Twitter (our supporting microblog)  and this website is that it can be updated immediately as more details become apparent or earlier reports are disputed. 

We will tag the stories from the mainstream media, collaborate via citizen journalism and appreciate your input and views to provide ongoing news relevant to the Hutt Valley.

We also have recently added further Twitter accounts which will support advertising and other media parsed feeds covering  more specific local geographical zones in the Hutt Valley. These will show job vacancies and social conversations specific to those areas.

These are:

Please feel free to join these for more localised content than the generic Hutt Valley Twitter account.

As always your news and comments are always appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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