Cadillac Dinner – The Owner responds ahead of tonights TV3’s “The Kitchen Job”

Well I suppose all that should be said will be revealed in tonights show, but no doubt the the first word should go to the owner who posted these comments on this blog late yesterday

Hi everyone.Thank you to all who have supported us here at the Diner and thank you very much for the kind feed back.Sorry for not replying to all of the feed back sooner.I would like to apologise for some of the rude comments I have said to the ones who have left not so good but honest feedback.As the director of Cadillac Diner I will not be taking the comments so personally as this is very unprofessional I admit.To all who have had a bad experience here at the Diner I would like to invite you back to give it another go.I have since resigned from my primary employment of 17years with the company I was employed with to work full time unpaid at the Cadillac Diner to take full control in all areas to make sure that our welcomed value customers are 100% satisfied in every way.I have sinced made many many changes and I am personally overseeing everything that involves service and meals.Thank you again for your bad comments as it has helped me to figue out where I was going wrong and relising that this was totally unacceptable.My Sincere apologies.To those who have supported us and have left great kind feed back I wish to thank you very much in helping me see that there is a small candle glowing at the end of the tunnel for the Cadillac Diner.We are trying very hard on no cash flow to keep up with the big boys on the block and its very hard and demanding.I guess I was taking my frustration out on customers that were leaving bad comments.I have changed the place now with outstanding outcomes with much more good yet to come now that I have immersed my self here now.I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas to you all and loved ones and I hope your festive season is safe and enjoyable to you all.The Cadillac Diner will continue to grow with only your support.Please support us as we want to give back in some way oneday to the community when we are able too.Bye for now,Regards Karl

Cadillac Dinner Lower Hutt on TV3’s “The Kitchen Job”

Well it is with great interest I will watch The Kitchen Job on TV3 7.30pm Tuesday as it trys to help out Cadillac Dinner in High Street. We wrote a review back in April and were 50/50 on it, and I suppose the true test is if you go back, we have not.

Given all of that it has the most active and trolled comments on this blog with disparaging remarks to the owner and staff alike. 42 comments to be precise. No love lost, and the owners first step into the food industry.

No point me explaining it, take a look back at Cadillac Dinner from April this year and read the comments

Cadillac Diner – Worth a Family Visit

Well I didn’t write it, but I paid the bill. So here’s the review from, who felt it was necessary to say something about this new dining experience in Lower Hutt.

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Looking for a fun place to eat in The Hutt?  Then look no further than Cadillac Diner and Café on High Street.  This new 1950s themed diner is worth a visit.  The décor itself is magnificent – we loved the opportunity to check out a pink Cadillac up close!  
The food?  Well, if you’re planning on going – make sure you’re hungry!  The burgers are HUGE.  And they average at $12 each (fries are separate).  We dropped in for a light lunch last Saturday and were a bit disappointed they didn’t have a smaller burger option, like a cheeseburger, priced around $8 to $10.  We reckon the good test of a burger is that you can pick it up!  These burgers are just too big and eating them with a knife and fork seems weird. 
But – you gotta hand it to them – it’s a good spot for families.  Your kids will love it.  And with kids’ meals priced from just $5, your wallet will love it too!

Cadillac Diner and Café, 112 High Street, Lower Hutt.

Looks like a school holiday wet weather idea!