HuttNZ Weekly Video Review 18 February 2020

HuttNZ Weekly Video Review 18 February 2020

Petone Rotary Fair was held on Jackson Street on Saturday 15 February from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Lots of stalls and entertainment for the family. As always a popular fair drawing people from around the region.

Local residents whose property has been purchased as part of the Melling Interchange development are upset that local MP Chris Bishop released a newsletter, while they remain unaware as to the next step from government agencies involved. Mr Bishop has undertaken to contact residents directly impacted.

Christopher Bishop Hi there. I’ve been keeping people informed through letters for two years, this was the 4th one that went out.

Absolutely no intention to be insensitive to anyone impacted by the project. My office has been helping people affected by the project for over four years now. Always ready and willing to assist and I’ll be sitting down with Chanelle soon

Facebook Comment on HuttNZ 14 Feb 2020

No doubt Chanelle will be awaiting to hear from her local MP

Tiny house builder loses court battle. In a ruling on Jnuary 31 by the Environment court the tiny house requires a building consent, as it could not be easily moved. However the HCC also “mucked up” by not giving the owner Jono Voss enough time to remove the tiny house

Release of list of Earthquake prone buildings in the Hutt

Peter Dunne of United Future released today a list of Earthquake prone buildings in Lower Hutt and Petone. Upper Hutt City council as of yet has not released its list.

No doubt all of this relevant given the recent quakes.

Follow the full story here with links to articles and peoples comments ex Twitter.

We do appreciate your comments as this issue is important certainly for the future of Petone and the issue around Jackson Streets character buildings.

AmeriCarna hits the Hutt Valley

This weekend sees the AmeriCarna car carnival arrive. AmeriCARna will bring in excess of 400 American cars, along with drivers, passengers, supporters, and enthusiasts for four days. A celebration of the American car by enthusiasts from around New Zealand. The event will see cars in various places this weekend, road closures are here and events schedule here

The video below shows the numbers and types that are visiting the valley this weekend after yesterdays registration. If you get a chance take an opportunity to have a look at these cars at one of the scheduled events.

Petone Winter Carnival 2009

Just some of the festivities at the Petone Winter Carnival on the foreshore. Attended by many old and young alike and blessed with the joy of a Winters day of sunshine. Thanks to the key sponsors Leisure Active, Hutt City Council and the rest for the effort to put on this event

 Circus Training taken advantage of by the young

Unicycles, Hula Hoops and Juggling 

 48 Metre new mural by artist Daniel Mills depicting “The Legend of Te Whanganui a Tara”

Fun Rides on the Petone foreshore 

E Tu (Stand Up) Fire Sculpture Construction for that nights bonfires and fireworks. 

Potty Training! 

There are more photos on my twitter account or sidebar following twitter

Cheers to David St George for providing photos from Fireworks and Sculpture display that night, make sure you check out his profile and other photos on his site  great work.

Petone Winter Carnival 2009 David St George Photography

 Petone Winter Carnival 2009 David St George Photography


and also  thanks to

fireworks from the Petone Winter Carnival.  on Twitpic

and an awesome sequence from Matt Oliver  a series of photos taken from Korokoro Road

Great work

Thanks to everyone for responding and your contributions

Lower Hutt CBD $50,000 for CCTV

The Hutt City Council has budgeted $50,000 to maintain and enhance the existing 12 cameras trained on the CBD, plus others in Naenae and Stokes Valley.

A further $50,000 is budgeted for 2010/2011 for camera installation in Wainuiomata.

No doubt these cameras will further enhance crime preventation in the District, but Im at a loss as to where the other $50,000 reported in the LTCCP is going.

Hutt City Council appoints Retail Co-ordinator

Further to last weeks list of LTCCP $30,000 is being put up by the Hutt City Council for each of the next three years to help pay for a retail co-ordinator for the central business district. Further to that the item has generated enough interest over Mayor Ogdens comparision to Newmarket Aucklands coordinator to warrant a TV interview on TV3

Mayor David Ogden told councillors at the recent meeting to make final decisions on the Community Plan that he is “very unhappy” with what’s happening in downtown Lower Hutt. There are too many empty shops (24 as at last month) and retailers who remain “could be better supported”.

The $30,000 would “at least” pay for a part-time co-ordinator to try to get some action going.

Cr David Bassett pointed out that Business Hutt Valley is proposing a special rate be levied on CBD businesses from 2010/11 to fund better promotion of High St, Queens Drive and the surrounding area.

But Mr Ogden argued for “something to happen now”. He pointed to Newmarket, Auckland, as an example of a thriving retail destination where businesses pull together under a very energetic co-ordinator (Cameron Brewer).

“He’s on the radio and television all the time.”

Councillors also added $20,000 p.a. to the budget to retain the retail co-ordinator for the Stokes Valley, Naenae and Taita shopping centres.

A mix of carry-over funding and $100,000 of extra spending will be used to finish off the installation of paving, seating and trees throughout the rest of the Stokes Valley (Scott Court) shopping centre. There are also plans for interactive sculptures and the work will complement a proposed donation of an artwork by Guy Ngan.

However, the work in Stokes Valley pushes out a proposed upgrade in Taita shopping centre by a year.

Councillors agreed to this on the basis it made sense to finish off all the work in Stokes Valley instead of continuing to do it piecemeal, and because the proposed extension to Walter Nash stadium, incorporating the community hall, offers potential for a comprehensive look at what’s best for the Taita shops – including potentially re-orienting the opening facades of buildings.

Completing a package of expenditure aimed at boosting economic prospects, the council agreed to lift its funding of Positively Wellington Tourism of $40,000 to $60,000. Mr Ogden said this recognises that PWT is making efforts to direct cruise ship passengers to TheNewDowse, Jackson St and Maori Treasures as well as ongoing work to attract long-haul airline services to Wellington airport.

“I don’t think we can freeload off them,” the mayor said.