Not good if your a pedestrian on a Thursday in May

A Land Transport Road Safety report for Hutt City (2008) makes for interesting reading, and whilst none of this should be taken lightly, read into it whatever you take away, but be careful especially in the winter months were visibility is poor for motorists and pedestrians alike:-

  • Nine percent (9%) of the casualties on Hutt roads in 2007 were vehicles versus pedestrians. From 2000-2007, thirteen percent (13%) of all injury accidents in the city and eighteen percent (18%)  were fatalities involving pedestrians.

The most common reason for pedestrian injuries were:-

  • Poor observation (41%) failure to give way / stop (Note some of these accidents were pedestrians crossing a road heedless of traffic
  • Yung people under 20 represented 45% of the pedestrian versus vehicle accidents (2000-07); people over 70 represented 12%.
  • 19% of these injury accidents occured at night.
  • The worst month May.
  • The worst day on average Thursdays

Well I’m glad May is over, but tomorrow is Thursday. Be Safe

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