Southerly storm hits the Valley

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Photo by @TaraMerriman From Eastbourne

Southerly Front approaching Wgtn as seen from Petone. on Twitpic

Photo by @stevebiddle Southerly from Petone

Today at 4.45pm a Southerly weather bomb hit. Heavy rain with strong winds and a temperature drop of 10 degrees occurred within half an hour.

It took about an hour for reports to filter through. Damage to roofs (St Bernards College Waterloo Road lost roof sheeting) trees and fences down, power outages, surprised many with the verocity of the front.

A tree down on the rail lines between Woburn and Waterloo railway stations caused about 2 hour delays to commuters returning from Wellington.

By 7pm the front had passed with clear skies opening up over the valley.

Other photos here from around Wellington.

One thought on “Southerly storm hits the Valley

  1. I/we (Stephen & Rosa Douglas)came home to 21 Bell Rd Waiwhetu (near Gracefield School) about 8pm to their neighbour Sam coming up their drive, calling out to be careful. the front tree is down & your power lines too. sure enough, an 8 year oldt gum tree had snapped bringing power lines down, placing the house in darkness. great service from retailer/power line company with lines repaired by 10pm. the power is on but the tree is down (& still there)but my van is not underneath. usually on a friday i come leave the van & take the car to the parrott & jigger to meet Rosa & friends. today because of the rain at 5.30p i choose to stay in petone & go direct to the pub for a drink. sam says he & got home, looked out saw the tree, heard the rain & hail saw lightening, took another look & the tree was down. report by Stephen Douglas
    (tree still out front, & be there till after weekend)

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