Eastbourne: Bus Barn controvesy rises again

Spoken before over this and have given the backstory here but see via the Hutt News that some local Eastbourne residents are up in arms about this development progressing

Last week, Eastbourne man Greg Dellabarca launched a campaign to have the project abandoned. He believes that not only will there be a massive overspend but the project has the possibility of damaging the relationship between Eastbourne and the rest of the city.

The city council has been unfairly pushed into having to restore the bus barns, he says.
“This is economic lunacy. They [city council politicians] just listened to the ranters and ravers but I never thought it would actually proceed.”

Mr Dellabarca says recent publicity about the project has resulted in “numerous” phone calls from concerned Eastbourne residents who want the project stopped.

via Hutt News

Mr Dellabarca (longterm Eastbourne family) has every right to be upset at the council.

HuttNZ has strongly stated its position on this bus barn  (even though it has Heritage 2 status) that the project is:-

  • A waste of ratepayers money
  • It will be impossible for the project to be completed within the budget allocated, and will be a council overrun and as such ensure completion of the project. Council fudged figures to make bus makeover more appealing.
  • The relationship between the bus company and the HCC needs to be more transparent
  • Who in their right mind would purchase any apartment above a busy bus station at the end of the road, far from services (views are good though).

Good on Mr Dellabarca for trying to start a petition to stop this project even given his late run. HCC should stay out of all commercial building  developments. The very reason HCC debt sits at 80 million roughly  today is due to the Parking Building in central Lower Hutt in the 1990s and further to that the recent  Daly Street project is testament that their focus should be on essential services not property speculation masked as development. 

I hope they listen to the public concerns.

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