Eastbourne: Controversial Bus Barn gets Resource Consent

Well the ongoing saga of the Eastbourne Bus Barn moved a step forward yesterday with the Resource Consent being granted by council and announced by Mayor Ogden for building to commence before Christmas.


Korohiwa bus barn upgrade moves forward

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayor David Ogden has announced that the refurbishment of the Korohiwa bus barn is a step closer following the granting of a resource consent.

“I’m delighted the consent has been approved and that the project can move forward.

“This iconic Eastbourne landmark will enjoy a whole new lease of life and revitalise Korohiwa when work is completed.

“The consent gives us approval to fully refurbish the bus barn, restoring it to its original condition and reinstating three apartments on the first floor.

“The bus barn has a category two historic places classification and our architects are working with conservation architect Ian Bowman and the Historic Places Trust to ensure we preserve its heritage value. 

“The building consent application will now be lodged and tenders called for.  We expect construction to begin by Christmas.” via HuttCity


Korohiwa Bus Depot Eastbourne

Korohiwa Bus Depot Eastbourne

The history on this development is mired with controversy from Councillor Max Shierlaw that the barn was just a sop between the council and Eastbourne residents, when the coastal town threatened to secede to Wellington in the 1990s.

To the issue over the cost which just seems to escalate, with no apparent ceiling in sight.

 Hutt NZ agrees with Councillor Shierlaw on this and it does seem to show the council being very cavalier with the ratepayers money, on what after all is a bus barn! Historical or not.

Form your own opinion, but really is this what the HCC should really be spending $2.2 million on, and is property development their role? as Daly Street has shown in the past.

Last word to  the councillor:

Max Shierlaw Western Ward Representative (Normandale) says saving the barn is a waste of money, and wants the council to think hard about spending up to $3m on its upgrade and landscaping the bay.

“Just because its historic it doesn’t mean it needs to be restored” he says. “At the end of the day theres pressure on the budget, and we’ve all these requests for spending. you can’t just keep adding and adding without taking other things away”.

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