Hutt Radio: Update on developments

Following on from the earlier post on the inaugural public meeting of Hutt Radio, further details have emerged as to the current concept development for Hutt Radio. The latest from Eddie O’Strange one of the Trustees of Hutt Radio:

Our pathway to becoming a fully-fledged community station is now a bit different to how we planned and represented it.

In a nutshell, the new plan is this:

– we initially transmit from Naenae.
– we start off in a temporary studio.
– we broadcast BBC World interspersed with local live slots.
– we move into our complete studio site in two stages.
– the ultimate transmitter site is, as yet, unknown.

The reasons for the changes?

– we’ve gone past the on-air deadline imposed on us.
– the Kaukau transmission site is too costly at this time.
– the various Public Funding Agencies can’t help us yet.

Funding continues to be a real and pressing problem for Hutt Radio, and while sourcing initial funding from the inaugural public meeting,  given the current economic climate prudence in development seems an appropriate step at this time. 

If you are interested in being part of the project please contact Hutt Radio through

or become a friend through

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