Hutt Radio: Come in Mr DJ

Further updates from Hutt Radio and Eddie o’Strange (Trustee), as to their plans for first stage implementation and the opportuntiy to offer your services as an announcer or DJ. As always contact Eddie via Hutt Radio 

The initial (temporary) studio may be sited on the first floor, rather than the second floor – should know soon. It will be an “announce-operated” set-up, but it may be workable as a “panel-operator plus announcer” system.

Only on-air workers will be permitted on the premises. No visitors. [Our space is in a film studio green room.] We can’t yet devise a realistic time-line for everything. When we are given a landing date for the transmitter we’ll have a better idea. Should be a November start.

Transmission will incorporate  BBC World available 24 hours a day. Volunteer broadcasters displace BBC World in pre- determined timeslots of either 1 or 2 hours duration. There will be a need to balance BBC World’s “talk radio” format with music programming. This will represent what Hutt Radio will “sound like” in its final form. So, all local breakouts will need some music content. 

 Now for the questions: for volunteer DJs or announcers.

Q 1: If you wish to get on-mic, is that in a continuity role? Or are you presenting an Access-type programme? If the latter, are you representing a community group?

Q 2: How often are you volunteering to go on-air? [The minimum is fortnightly; maximum is 7 days a week.]

Q 3: Are you volunteering to host a 1 hour, or 2 hour slot?

Q 4: What time of day/night, weekday/weekend suits best?

Q 5: What’s your main interest when it comes to programme content? [Even though you may not be able to present such content, in full form, with our initial limited facilities.]

And the final word to Eddie

Remember that we’re looking at the Phase One period which will take us to about the end of February, 2010. This is the time when we’ll be drumming up interest in all aspects of the station, especially a loyal listenership. The start-up team is hugely important to the venture! Can you help?

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