Lower Hutt: Protesters group picket Loritz Circus

SAFE animal protection group protested today at Avalon Park outside of Loritz Circus in their campaign to free Jumbo the Elephant . This campaign to free Jumbo has been ongoing around New Zealand, and has had high media exposure for the action group as they have had some success in making the public more aware of Jumbos plight.

The story so far is that for over 32 years Jumbo has been little more than a circus slave, she is the last wild animal in a New Zealand circus. When not performing Jumbo remains either housed in a trailer with barely enough space to move, or regularly tethered by a heavy chain.

By attending the circus SAFE says you are continuing to condone this treatment of Jumbo, their protest today was to bring the plight of Jumbo to possible circus attendees.

The protest was successful on several levels in detering attendees and bringing wider exposure to SAFEs action in freeing Jumbo.

Please take the time to visit SAFEs website to make yourself aware of Jumbos situation.

4 thoughts on “Lower Hutt: Protesters group picket Loritz Circus

  1. And so when you were a kid, you never went to a circus with animals?

    Come on – if they are being treated cruelly then I am all for setting them free, butif there is no maltreatment, why aren’t these people protesting at Wellington Zoo?

  2. I think as a kid i might have gone to a circus – and probably enjoyed it too – but that was without thinking about the reality of what that means for these animals. And now that Im older and can make a logical choice I see that there was nothing but sadness and cruelty for those animals, and would I have wanted that as a kid? no way! I loved animals! and i wanted to believe that the world was a nice place for animals!

    Regardless if you actually witness “maltreatment” or not (do you really think they are going to do that with you watching?)- circuses by nature are cruel – just the life that this African elephant leads every day – standing round swaying, bored and alone – when in the wild they live in large groups and walk hundreds of miles everyday.
    Its really simple when you think about it – its obscene and something that belongs in our history books.

  3. By that arguement then Debbie – Zoos are cruel.
    The Zion Wildlife Park is cruel.
    People who own pets are cruel.

    Of course owning wild animals is in the nature of the old school circuses, and I am totally against the maltreatment of animals in any way, shape or form.
    And I totally agree that whoever owns these animals should care for them properly, as with any pet – or they should be treated like they treat there animals.

    But if they care for them properly, then why protest??

  4. Hi Roscoe – I wonder: How do you know that the circus “cares for them properly”? Jumbo shows signs of stereotypical behaviours (swaying repetitively) which is extremely common in animals held in captivity, especially in circuses.
    Stereotypical behaviors are thought to be caused by artificial environments that do not allow animals to satisfy their normal behavioral needs. (Remember the Polar bears in Auckland zoo?)
    Jumbo’s owner recently had the opportunity to retire Jumbo to a sanctuary – but because he wanted to be paid a large amount of money that didn’t happen.

    And yes you’re right – zoos are cruel!
    And yes – ive been to the Zion Wildlife prison and can definately confirm it’s cruel! One of the worst places ive seen with the smallest cages ive seen.
    It’s a money making venture – just as zoos are, they dont exist for the animals benefit thats for sure.

    Owning pets is a little more tricky – there are millions of animal needing homes – through no fault of their own – so I have no problem with people offering their homes to animals in need – though I do have a problem with breeders making money from breeding thousands of animals when there are thousands more in SPCAs and other shelters being killed every day. Pet shops are a large part of the problem – as are people that buy from them – animals arent “things” to buy in shops.

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