Lower Hutt: Protesters group picket Loritz Circus

SAFE animal protection group protested today at Avalon Park outside of Loritz Circus in their campaign to free Jumbo the Elephant . This campaign to free Jumbo has been ongoing around New Zealand, and has had high media exposure for the action group as they have had some success in making the public more aware of Jumbos plight.

The story so far is that for over 32 years Jumbo has been little more than a circus slave, she is the last wild animal in a New Zealand circus. When not performing Jumbo remains either housed in a trailer with barely enough space to move, or regularly tethered by a heavy chain.

By attending the circus SAFE says you are continuing to condone this treatment of Jumbo, their protest today was to bring the plight of Jumbo to possible circus attendees.

The protest was successful on several levels in detering attendees and bringing wider exposure to SAFEs action in freeing Jumbo.

Please take the time to visit SAFEs website to make yourself aware of Jumbos situation.