Silverstream Hulls Creek – Environment Restoration

Only a few years ago the section of Hulls Creek from Silverstream to the Hutt River was plagued with weeds and rubbish. But it’s come a long way in recent times, thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers .

It is the impressive achievements of the Forest and Bird Silverstream Care Group, who’ve been working hard to restore Hulls Creek and its surrounding environment back to health and create a walkway linking Silverstream to the Hutt River Trail.

Work was begun in 2003. The stream was heavily polluted and clogged with disintegrating willows, and the wider area was thick with rubbish and weeds that had migrated from people’s backyards and the resulting close proximity to the landfill.

The area has a new fish pass (designed to make it easier for migrating fish to swim upstream past weirs, the Hutt River one in particular), information panels, sites of native plantings, a wetland, and progress on the walkway.

It is a credit to this group and their efforts. Unfortunately the actions of a few seem to hinder their efforts. As a visit to this site today illustrated. I can only congratulate this group, but the area being used as a dumping ground by others must cause this group to wonder if the effort is worth it.

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