Wingate: Scrub Fire

Emergency services arrived at the blaze just after 2.30pm above Pick-A-Part Wingate.

The fire while initially small increased in size as a strong breeze picked up from the south. The Eastern Hutt Road, Peterkin Street and Cambridge Terrace were closed as the fire increased.

Wingate bridge was also closed.

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A helicopter from Helipro and eight fire appliances were at the scene fighting the blaze.

By 7.30pm the fire is still been attended to.

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No houses were being threatened by the flames.

A large crowd watched throughout the afternoon.

Thanks to Megan Leith for Photos

More comprehensive coverage here from Hutt Valley Fire Police Unit

Avalon: Two criminals caught in the act (Humour)

Taking a bit of a liberty here, but this just in from one of the readers, and I see it as a brilliant piece of camera phone work by a concerned citizen, excluding the fact of the issues that Kieran mentions the expression on Mr Dogs face is priceless, along with his accomplice Mr Cat. This must go down as been caught red pawed. Such a heinous crime.

Saw this funniest thing on my way to work this morning. I was driving along High Street in Avalon, just before the Wingate turn off.  On the side of the road by a bus shelter. A cat was sitting on top of a rubbish bin reaching in & the dog was standing on his back legs also reaching into the bin, both pulling bits out. Well I just have to ask. Is it the stray animals that are the problem, or is the council not emptying the rubbish bins enough ?

Master Criminals at work

Master Criminals at work 2