Petone: PWMC & RSA to merger

The Hutt Valley’s largest Returned Services Association is to move in with the Petone Working Men’s Club (PWMC).

Fifty or so of the Lower Hutt Memorial RSA’s membership of 700 turned up at a special meeting last week to hear an update on negotiations. President Allan Beardsley says they endorsed the merger idea.


Well being a member of the PWMC I for one am happy to see the club progress with further amalgamation, and I suppose you couldn’t have got better candidates.

Over the years the PWMC has emerged as being a very progresive club always looking at expansion opportunities, starting with its working class identity to becoming a model other chartered clubs around NZ envy with top notch facilities.

I also see on the agenda there was a possible look at expansion into accomodation for UCOL and a motel complex.

If you haven’t had a look at the club, or thought it was private and for the older generation I suggest you avail yourself of the opportunity, problem is its so popular some days you can’t get a park.