Hutt Radio – Inaugral Public Meeting

You might ask what is Hutt Radio, it is the effort of a number of key players who have been trying for a number of years to establish a community based non commercial radio network in the Hutt Valley.

To gain a greater insight visit their website, but some background info is posted below along with details as to the meeting.

Eddie O’Strange is one of the key proponents and as part of the charter of the licence has called a public meeting to gauge public support as well as answer any questions.

If you are curious, can contribute, or just wish to attend, it would be greatly appreciated. 

But in brief, what is Hutt Radio all about:-


A terrestrial FM station for the Hutt Region, New Zealand.

Our focus is the Hutt Region. Our coverage: Greater Wellington.

Station site: Lower Hutt. Transmitter site: Mt KauKau.

Demographics Target:

The middle-aged and elderly. [This makes us unique among the 30-plus radio stations in this airspace.]

Hutt Radio is a community station. A “non-commercial” licence. The second “access” station in Greater Wellington’s airspace.

In industry jargon, here’s WHAT HUTT RADIO IS:

“Hutt Radio is a mature market, Hutt-centric, interactive, subscriber-based, non-commercial, heritage station, serving as the hub for flow-on components.”

The meeting:-


Sunday 30th August, TAITA  RSA, 14 Tocker Street
2 pm start-time — hopefully wrapped by about 3.15 pm
(There will be time after this to meet, to mix and mingle.)

A strong show of support is needed to get this valuable Hutt Region asset underway. A well-attended gathering
will help with funding issues, and will satisfy some of the licensing requirements of various Government agencies.

At the same time, YOU will find out whatever you want to know about Hutt Radio. Questions will be welcome!

You can just turn up, but we’d prefer you to “RSVP”.
Eddie:  Phone 565-3164

*Join the Trustees, the Patrons, and Local Dignitaries*