Lower Hutt CBD $50,000 for CCTV

The Hutt City Council has budgeted $50,000 to maintain and enhance the existing 12 cameras trained on the CBD, plus others in Naenae and Stokes Valley.

A further $50,000 is budgeted for 2010/2011 for camera installation in Wainuiomata.

No doubt these cameras will further enhance crime preventation in the District, but Im at a loss as to where the other $50,000 reported in the LTCCP is going.

3 thoughts on “Lower Hutt CBD $50,000 for CCTV

  1. CCTV can be effective but systems must be planned, maintained and well monitored. As someone in the CCTV industry we often come across sysyems that are not good enough but would have been fine if they had been planned properly in the first place.

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