Cadillac Dinner – The Owner responds ahead of tonights TV3’s “The Kitchen Job”

Well I suppose all that should be said will be revealed in tonights show, but no doubt the the first word should go to the owner who posted these comments on this blog late yesterday

Hi everyone.Thank you to all who have supported us here at the Diner and thank you very much for the kind feed back.Sorry for not replying to all of the feed back sooner.I would like to apologise for some of the rude comments I have said to the ones who have left not so good but honest feedback.As the director of Cadillac Diner I will not be taking the comments so personally as this is very unprofessional I admit.To all who have had a bad experience here at the Diner I would like to invite you back to give it another go.I have since resigned from my primary employment of 17years with the company I was employed with to work full time unpaid at the Cadillac Diner to take full control in all areas to make sure that our welcomed value customers are 100% satisfied in every way.I have sinced made many many changes and I am personally overseeing everything that involves service and meals.Thank you again for your bad comments as it has helped me to figue out where I was going wrong and relising that this was totally unacceptable.My Sincere apologies.To those who have supported us and have left great kind feed back I wish to thank you very much in helping me see that there is a small candle glowing at the end of the tunnel for the Cadillac Diner.We are trying very hard on no cash flow to keep up with the big boys on the block and its very hard and demanding.I guess I was taking my frustration out on customers that were leaving bad comments.I have changed the place now with outstanding outcomes with much more good yet to come now that I have immersed my self here now.I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas to you all and loved ones and I hope your festive season is safe and enjoyable to you all.The Cadillac Diner will continue to grow with only your support.Please support us as we want to give back in some way oneday to the community when we are able too.Bye for now,Regards Karl

3 thoughts on “Cadillac Dinner – The Owner responds ahead of tonights TV3’s “The Kitchen Job”

  1. Hi Karl,
    I am an American-Kiwi who one day went into your Cadillac Diner in Lower Hutt. My friend and I both ordered one of the $18 burgers and milk shakes. Both of us were saddened because the food was good in general, though way too expensive. As an American food expert (I lived in 9 states and ate in hundreds of restaurants during my 45 years living there) the thing that bothered me most in your restaurant was the way diner food was costing so much. In America, these diners are frequented by families with kids, and college students. As a comparison, the restaurant in Wellington called “Sweet Mother’s Kitchen” is very much like American diners, including those with Cadillacs. In San Diego there is a Corvette Diner that is very much like the restaurant you are wanting to have:

    From all the comments I’ve seen on other forums, there are two things that seem to scream out loud: PRICE and TASTE. Fixing the taste issue is obviously a chef/recipe issue. The one thing I can tell you about the diners in America…their food is quite tasty, meaning that they use spices, salt, sauces, etc.

    The PRICE issue is one that I’ve noticed as a trend here in New Zealand. For example, when I was in Taupo, I saw a whole line of breakfast-serving establishments. All of them were empty except one…the one with the lowest price. The others served breakfast for around $12, which included eggs, bacon, and some kind of potato. Then there was this one restaurant that charged around $8 for the same thing. That place was packed with business, while all the others sat wondering why they were empty. In America, we have learned well the lesson of volume sales and pricing. If you give people excellent food (good taste) and a good price, there is no way you can go wrong. I’ve seen lots of restaurants here go out of business because when the owners see they aren’t making enough money, they raise the prices. That should only ever be the last resort, and almost never works. It is far better to make less money per customer and have a packed restaurant, then the other way around. More customers means more buzz, which means more positive reviews and word of mouth.

    Anyhow, I too will come to your new location to see how things have improved. Also, if you want, I would be happy to talk with you personally to share with you some of the finer points of what I know about true American diners, and how they differ from what you are doing. As one more key point, all the American diners I’ve been in have something for everyone’s pocket book. They have simple grilled cheese that sells for around $4.50, to full-blown steaks for around $18. Anyhow, I’m sure we would have tons to talk about if you were interested.

    Best Regards,

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