Petone: Sentencing in following accident at roundabout in June

This was an ugly accident on a busy intersection in Winter, even though it was a fine day.

No doubt new road improvements at this intersection at Petone will hopefully protect cycle accidents in this area. The issue around access to SH2 both on and off should be alleviated by this new entrance, thank god. The real issue is around cyclist protection on NZ roads, and the current disrespect that the major of motorists have toward them.

This incident continues to affect all those involved.

 A truck driver who ran over and killed a senior Wellington police officer has been ordered to pay $2000 emotional reparation and disqualified from driving for nine months.

Steve Fitzgerald, a 41-year police veteran and former head of the road policing unit, was cycling home from work when he went under the wheels of an articulated truck at the roundabout intersection of The Esplanade and Hutt Rd in Petone in June 2008.

The driver, Desmond Wilson, 46, had pleaded not guilty to a charge of careless driving causing death.

However he was found to be at fault in a ruling issued last month.

via Stuff

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