Petone: Truck Driver guilty of Cyclist death

A truck driver has been found guilty causing the death of a senior police officer.

In a reserved decision, Judge Tom Broadmore found Desmond Wilson, 45, of Porirua guilty of causing the death of Superintendent Steve Fitzgerald through careless driving.

It followed a three-day trial in Lower Hutt District Court in August.

Mr Fitzgerald, a road safety expert, was knocked from his bicycle by Wilson’s truck and was crushed under its rear wheels at the intersection of Hutt Rd and The Esplanade in Petone in June last year.

Judge Broadmore said he was satisified that Wilson had diverted his attention from the road and that Mr Fitzgerald was well able to be seen.

He will be sentenced later.


This was an ugly accident on a busy intersection in Winter. No doubt new road improvements at this intersection at Petone will hopefully protect cycle accidents in this area. The issue around access to SH2 both on and off should be alleviated by this new entrance, thank god. The real issue is around cyclist protection on NZ roads, and the current disrespect that the major of motorists have toward them.

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