Lower Hutt: Cadillac Diner opens this Saturday

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Are you a fan for the atmosphere and way of life evoked in Happy Days, American Graffiti, even the 1950s ‘Milk Bar’ scene in New Zealand? Big American cars, good times with family and mates, dine-in and take-out burgers that really satisfy the taste buds?

Come along to the Grand Opening this Saturday, you’ll find the diner in mid-High Street near the Laings Road corner.

There will be:

– Two live bands
– Cadillac/Hot Red Cars
– Wellington Rock’n Roll Dancing

Where: Cadillac Diner
112 High Street
Lower Hutt

Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009

via HuttValleyNZ.com

Well it will be good to see another of the outlets profiled in Entertainment Whats New finally opening. This themed outlet will no doubt add to the increasing entertainment options in Lower Hutt. I wish them every success, and they will need your support.

On a side note, somewhere in my memory I think the original teenage delinquent problem was identified as happening in Hutt Valley Milk Bars, Mazengarb inquiry resulted if I remember right, life does go full circle in the Hutt.

Appreciate first comments from those early diners.

Also don’t forget Mediterrean Food Warehouse opening in early Oct, no need to go to Newtown now, and I love their pizzas, unique, opposite McDonalds

2 thoughts on “Lower Hutt: Cadillac Diner opens this Saturday

  1. Food was good. Two HUGE screens showing Elvis in concert. Management decide to not play his music though, even though customers requested it. So only got the visual of Elvis. Very strange that management would invest in x 2 52″ screens and then not let customers hear what they want. Waitress’s were embarrassed at having to deliver the news that customers couldnt hear what they requested, had to listen to other stuff of the 50s & 60s. Decided to forgo dessert and also decided to not book a family party there. Especially as they were not willing to please their customers.

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