Petone: Dead fish on beach warning to public

The Dominion Post has reported that a woman walking on Petone beach yesterday with her dog found several dead fish. this caused here concern in light of recent press. The fish found were Porcupine fish and a Te Papa expert explains the fish variety here

This together with recent issues in Auckland over dead fish finds and the death of  four dogs, and the possible explaination shows it would pay to err on caution around the area. 

Equally it is timely reminder to be aware of restrictions and advice from the Greater Wellington Regional Council of known areas of concern around waterways. Recently 1080 posion has been dropped in Kaitoke Regional Park area with warnings for dogs and along the Hutt River if flooding should occur.

No doubt the test result will show the cause of the problem and whether it is connected to the Auckland issue of tetrodotoxin.

In the meantime it would pay to avoid the Petone foreshore with your young children and pets until the all clear is given.

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