Upper Hutt: Gunman who killed six now lives in area

The complete story from the Sunday Times who today released the story that the Rarimu massacre gunman Stephen Anderson 37 is now living in Upper Hutt, in the suburb of Clouston Park. The Rarimu massacre cost the lives of six people. Anderson was found not guilty due to insanity. His earlier limited releases away from care also caused concern in 2008.

The issue is around his public release, Anderson’s continuing treatment and getting him back into the community under strict release conditions which should rehabilitate him according to Mental Health officials concerns both local residents and those effected by his original actions.

One thought on “Upper Hutt: Gunman who killed six now lives in area

  1. The current media coverage given to Stephen Anderson’s community release (and the “Insanity” that that lead to the 1998 Health Select Committee Inquiry into Cannabis and Mental Health Report) needs to be seen in a much bigger picture… ” ill-treatment under criminal stigmatisation, labelling and duress ”

    Check out the context (and reference to Anderson) in a 2002 media release on Scoop.


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