Upper Hutt: Private Wind Turbine possible on Emerald Hill

A 15 metre high wind turbine to be installed on private land (situated next to the trig station) at Emerald Hill owned by Adam Blackwell has past its first hurdle after being accepted by the Upper Hutt City Council.

It will provide power to the owners Main Road North property with its generated net power fully used by the house.

The decision by the council is the first stage in the planning process and sees the council acting as the “requiring authority” only. It will be subject to normal resource consent requirements.

Emerald Hill is a dominant landscape feature for residents of Maoribank, Brown Owl, Emerald Hill, Parkdale, Birchville and for users of State Highway 2.

An earlier report commissioned with regard to recent cellphone tower installation at the Emerald Hill site says

“Although the ridgeline has been comprised by power lines running across its northern face, the presence of a cluster of cellphone towers close to the summit will increase the visual encroachment into the skyline.” 

The cellphone towers are regarded as utilities and as such have dispensation within the Councils District plan, this private  installation of a wind tower will now facing normal Resource Consent processes which call for public input.

The question is will the public dispute its installation.

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