Petone: New Motel Development seeks resource consent

The new motel development is at resource consent stage and will be situated at 44 Cuba Street, just off Jackson Street. It will incorporate an adjacent property and has the backing of the developer Mr Rudings.

Mr Rudings says he learned a lot from building Boulcott Lodge (opens end of July) in Lower Hutt (see below)
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and he is confident that he can avoid the problems that delayed it when it comes to the Petone motel.

His application for resource consent is based on a 21 unit property on the corner of Cuba and Heretaunga Streets.

To try and avoid any difficulties with neighbours he says he personally visited 25 neighbours to explain the proposal. Consultation also included two presentations to the Petone Planning Action Group and local residents.

A local urban design consultant was also used to make sure the two-storied building blends in. The design will make the motel look like three buildings, so it does not look out of place amongst residential properties, he says.

The site currently features a dilapidated house and a large building that was once used for car upholstery.

The feedback he has got from neighbours is that they believe the motel will improve the area.

The design includes traffic calming measures in the entrance of Heretaunga Street, which he will pay for.

”That will slow down the boy racers and make the place look much better.”

The proposed design does not conform with the District Plan on three aspects but Mr Rudings says they are all minor and he is confident that he will get consent.

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