Upper Hutt’s main shopping complex renamed

Controversial as it was being called “The Trentham City Shopping Mall” the owners the Pelorus Property Group have reverted to the original name wanted by most Upper Hutt people and the complex will simple be known as “The Mall”

Centre Manager Mr Threaplton says Upper Hutt people almost universally refer to the shopping centre as “The Mall”

“Its part of the culture here, of living and working in Upper Hutt. Its a really consistent thing and we really want to pick up on that. The new owners (Trentham City Investments, an amalgam of the Austrailian Pelorus Group, private financiers, and the Gibbs Family Trust) felt it was time to return to the original name and get back to the grassroots of the community”

“There was a general belief naming a shopping centre after a suburb 10 minutes away was not the way to go. We feel the locals were right on this one”

Currently the mall sit at about half full with capacity for 45 tenancies. The goal is to be fully tenanted but 90% of the area is already leased, a figure directly resulted from long term tenure of the Warehouse and Farmers.

Further to the interests of the development group concept designs have been created for 2 high rise buildings, one above Hazelwoods and the other on the Criddles site, the empty Main Street site, result of the fire to the Hannahs and Hallensteins stores is to be replaced with a 500 square metre 2 shop construction. All of these will be marketed with the ambition to have them pre-leased before any construction go-ahead.

via The Leader

2 thoughts on “Upper Hutt’s main shopping complex renamed

  1. I’ll tell you a little story here – there are people in Upper Hutt who want the city’s name changed to Trentham City.

    Similar story to people over your way who have never accepted the three boroughs Eastbourne, Wainui and Petone being added to Lower Hutt city. They are trying to change the name to Hutt City through the back door. Lower Hutt was always a done deal – the name changers never went to the Geographic Board to apply for a name change. I oppose it anyway, but would support it if the two cities amalgamated and became Hutt Valley City!

    1. I know of the argument for Trentham, it was the end of the original rail line, and only on extension in the early 20th century did it extend to where Upper Hutt is now. I vouch for a bit of controversy here and am a believer that the merging of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt is a possibility, that needs serious study. The problem I struggle with is that local bodies are not good in mergers, as there is a general disregard for the smaller one that mergers eg Eastbourne, Petone etc, but geography plays strongly in this game. If an Auckland scenerio is played out here the merger of Hutt Councils seems the strongest possibility given geography.
      As for names, both are pretty nah! but history would say it would have to be Hutt something?

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