Taita Walter Nash Stadium

It will take $11.1 million for an upgrade to Walter Nash Stadium. That will incorporate a 3 court extension for netball, seating for 3000, and see a new Taita Community Hall become part of the complex.

The proposal is one of the largest and biggest financial decisions placed in front of councillors in recent years.

The future of the stadium has been debated for more than a decade without any progress being made.

The current proposal requires sponsorship funding $4.4 million. Council will require to fund $6.7 million.
If the $4.4 million isn’t found the deal is off.

If the council goes forward with this proposal several other projects are in jeopardy like refurbishing the Eastbourne Bus Barn and upgrading the McKenzie Pool in Petone.

The council has some hard decisions over the future use of this complex, but to put at jeopardy other projects hardly seems warranted given that $4.4 million sponsorship money in the current economy is but a pipedream.

This issue needs to be resolved, there is no doubt the popularity of the Taita Netball courts and the interest in this area on any winter Saturday, the contentious issue is that is the Walter Nash stadium a go forward project for the Hutt and beneficial to the community at large. $4.4 million of sponsorship money is a tad rich I feel.

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