Wainuiomata: Baby flown to hospital

A six-month-old boy has been flown to Wellington Hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to his milk formula.

The Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to the boy’s home in Wainuiomata just after 10am.

The fire service established a landing area for the helicopter and the child was transported to hospital with his mother.

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Wainuiomata: Woman trapped under dead horse

A woman was trapped under her dead horse this afternoon.

The woman was part of a group of three riders on the Wainuiomata South Coast when her horse suffered a seizure, falling to the ground and trapping her underneath. She was knocked unconscious in the fall, and her helmet was heavily damaged.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called and she was conscious but groggy by the time the helicopter had arrived upon which she was flown to Wellington Hospital to be placed under supervision.

Wainuiomata: People in Police custody following Shotgun incident

Three people are continuing to help Police after an incident that is suspected to be gang related occurred in Wainuiomata. The incident followed a shotgun discharge in Castlerea St which sparked an Armed Offenders Squad callout in the early afternoon following a report from a member of the public.

 The media is reporting no-one is injured and the incident was over by 4pm, with the AOS been stood down earlier. At this stage no firearm has been recovered and Police are continuing their investigation with the occupants of the house.

Wainuiomata: Man gets 7-1/2 years for attack

A jealous lover was today jailed for a claw hammer attack on a man who he believed to be his ex-girlfriend’s new partner.

Trevor William Grindrod, 34, was sentenced at the High Court in Wellington to seven years and nine months imprisonment.

Justice Warwick Gendall said that six weeks after Grindrod split with his girlfriend, he visited her house uninvited and saw her with a workmate, “you thought, in a mildly amorous situation”.

The man barricaded himself in the bedroom and told Grindrod he had called the police, “but you were not to be denied,” attacking him with the claw hammer, Justice Gendall said.

“This was an unprovoked, prolonged, gratuitous attack with a lethal weapon,” Justice Gendall said.

“You were fortunate you did not kill the complainant.”

Crown prosecutor Kate Feltham said Grindrod walked from Wainuiomata to the workmate’s Lower Hutt house, “picking up” the hammer on the way.

He smashed his way into the property through a window, broke through the bedroom door and began hitting the man in the head and body with the hammer, adding punches and kicks.

The attack spilled into the bathroom where Grindrod ripped a vanity from the wall and attempted to beat his victim with it.

Grindrod told police he was trying to kill the man and was initially charged with attempted murder.

This was later reduced to injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

His victim suffered numerous injuries including a broken nose, but after months of physiotherapy escaped long term physical damage.

Justice Gendall noted Grindrod had 20 previous convictions, four of which were for assault and included two attacks on children between late 2007 and early 2008.


At first I had put Mr Grindrods attack as a crime passionnel (or crime of passion) but no sympathy here, previous attacks on children. Mr Grindrod was lucky not to have received the maximum sentence, and it seems his violent past has caught up with him in receipt of this sentencing.

Wainuiomata: Teen’s Trial For Blackmail Aborted

Wellington, Sept 7 NZPA – A Hutt Valley teenager accused of blackmailing a friend over a stolen van has had his trial aborted after a juror raised concerns about his connections to those involved.

Jeremy Connolly, 19, was charged with unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle and blackmail after his arrest in October last year, after he text-messaged a friend whose van was stolen to say he could get it back — at a cost of $1300.

Following his arrest, he told police he was just trying to facilitate the van’s return but admitted the thieves had promised him a cut of the ransom.

Connolly’s trial, which began in the High Court at Wellington today, was thrown out this afternoon after a juror raised a concern with the judge over his connections to people in Wainuiomata, where the alleged offending took place, defence counsel Louise Sziranyi told NZPA.

A retrial would be ordered. NZPA

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So you pinch a mates car, then decide to blackmail him via text that you can get his car back.
Is Wainuiomata big enough to even contemplate acting this out, without being associated with the others involved. As the juror involved showed!

Unbelievable, no criminal Mastermind here….