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Wainuiomata: Teen’s Trial For Blackmail Aborted

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Wellington, Sept 7 NZPA – A Hutt Valley teenager accused of blackmailing a friend over a stolen van has had his trial aborted after a juror raised concerns about his connections to those involved.

Jeremy Connolly, 19, was charged with unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle and blackmail after his arrest in October last year, after he text-messaged a friend whose van was stolen to say he could get it back — at a cost of $1300.

Following his arrest, he told police he was just trying to facilitate the van’s return but admitted the thieves had promised him a cut of the ransom.

Connolly’s trial, which began in the High Court at Wellington today, was thrown out this afternoon after a juror raised a concern with the judge over his connections to people in Wainuiomata, where the alleged offending took place, defence counsel Louise Sziranyi told NZPA.

A retrial would be ordered. NZPA


So you pinch a mates car, then decide to blackmail him via text that you can get his car back.
Is Wainuiomata big enough to even contemplate acting this out, without being associated with the others involved. As the juror involved showed!

Unbelievable, no criminal Mastermind here….



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