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Upper Hutt: Christmas Parade 2009 Photos

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Well I knew someone would take great photos of this community event but what a standard, and thanks must go to Kathryn Wilson.

Kathryns outstanding work of the Christmas Parade can be viewed here from her blog or go straight here for her Flickr Slideshow of the event.

Outstanding and quality work of the people who made up this years parade.

Thanks Kathryn for the right to link to your work.


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December 6, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Silverstream: Liquor off-licence granted

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Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, unfortunately under current legislation in NZ, the LLA can only consider applications based upon the context of the Liquor Act., the result an off-licence granted.

Approval has been given for an off-licence alcohol business to open in Silverstream, despite the Liquor Licensing Authority recognising “clear evidence that public antipathy to the proposal was endemic”.

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Mrs Patel is doing no wrong under this act, and as such has made a consideration for her licence application by closing her shop doors in the period raised by objectors, something she did not have to do, but no doubt to appease those greatly concerned.

The Judge as I mentioned was faced with the context of the law, and while aware of objections I believe had no other position available than to grant the application with provisos of the applicant, that is closing in the period she mentioned. He has a number of discretionary conditions he can put on the application as well. The Police and other agencies are also tied by the fact that the applicant is doing no wrong in applying and not breaking any rules, just applying for a commercial licence to sell liquor as is allowed in NZ.

“It is our view that we have no option other than to grant the application. The company fulfils all the criteria …
“However, we do have the right to fix the days and hours of trade … we believe that we have a duty to take into account the likely impact of this new business on the neighbourhood. In doing so we must consider the effect on young people who are attending the nearby schools,” Judge Unwin’s decision says.

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The fault is fact lies with current legislation that does not take into consideration public concerns around liquor distribution, and the current backlash against liquor outlets that has increased in recent times. New legislation is before Parliament in May next year I think, to change the context of the act, but that could take several months knowing legalisation.

Judge Unwin acknowledged the community response and the objectors presenting “as a cohesive body who were very concerned about what they saw as a detrimental impact that the proposal would have on the current village culture of Silverstream”.

The “close knit and engaged community did not want the proposal to proceed”.

“The impact of the evidence was such that the application might well have been refused, had there been the power to do so,” Judge Unwin’s decision says.

“However, the application has to be determined on the criteria set out in the Sale of Liquor Act 1989, and not on the wish of the people. The fact that a new bottle store is unwelcome in a community is not a ground for refusing to grant a licence.”

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Take heed that the Police are actively managing bad outlets to combat problems in this area,  very strongly in the Hutt Valley. If you are caught selling to underaged or other infringements under the act it is highly unlikely your licence will not be renewed. Unfortunately current crap legislation opened the gate to the growth of suburban liquor outlets, without input from the community. We were suppose to be a mature nation around liquor consumption. The concession over the opening hours does go some way to meeting Silverstream community concerns, but I doubt strongly with legislation akin to Pokies licences, which is advocated in liquor discussion document that this outlet would have gone ahead. Timing is everything.



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November 26, 2009 at 7:21 am

Upper Hutt: Whitemans Valley boy flown to hospital

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The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to Whiteman’s Valley Upper Hutt last night at 7:30pm 19 Nov 09.

A 9yr old boy had fallen while playing on the trampoline at home and had suffered head and neck injuries.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter responded to the location with a Wellington Free Paramedic onboard. A Wellington Free Ambulance was already at the location and had immobilised the patient ready for the flight.

The boy was flown back to the Wellington Hospital Emergency Department where he is being treated for his injuries and is in a stable condition


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November 20, 2009 at 9:30 am

Upper Hutt: Farmers Market (Video)

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Well after last weeks effort I promised myself that this week I would get there earlier.

Attendance was good as another pleasant day had occurred, purchased a Cup Cake from the Cup Cake stall, and got a huge sugar overload. Bit of competition from the alternative market in the Mall, but to not put it to nicely had the tack that I generally avoid. It is a craft /tinkers market.

No doubt both have a place and will feed off one another, but it is early days yet, they need to become established to survive and given the rigorous conditions to become a Farmers Market, they will need support to outlast several wet Sundays, being outside. The word on the street is that an organic vegetable supplier is coming, which will hopefully boost numbers. I also have the feel that an organic market as part of a larger market akin to something like the Lower Hutts Riverbank Market would help, but it’s not my project and I do wish them all the best especially the suppliers. (see here for more details and links from last week)

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November 8, 2009 at 12:34 am

Upper Hutt Farmers Market

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Well I was late, told myself I would have to be early but didn’ t time my arrival till about 11.30.

Seems I missed all the activity which occurred after 9am, so ably I’m handing the review over to TheInquiringMind, who did arrive early and posted a comprehensive review on his blog.

I did have the opportunity to catch up with Chris who is responsible for the web presence of the market and Helen part of Upper Hutt Experience. They were extremely pleased with the inaugural result and received a lot of encouraging feedback from both suppliers and visitors, so I am sure that this will develop into a great asset for the city.

Enjoy the photos courtesy of Chris and if you are up that way early Sunday enjoy!

Check them out at Upper Hutt Farmers Market Website and Twitter account

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November 1, 2009 at 3:07 am

Hutt Valley: Fish and Chip Fridays where is the Best?

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New Zealands best top chip shop has been annonced it was won by Oceanz in Silverdale, located 35km north of Auckland, in this year’s best chip shop competition. Chip shops were judged on the freshness and colour of their chips, shop cleanliness and customer service. Regional finalists were decided through public text voting, mystery judging and chip fat analysis across New Zealand before the six regional winners and the overall winner were then chosen by a panel of judges. Not every F & C shop entered but it gives a pretty clear indication of quality.

But how did the Hutt Valley fair, and where is your local?

The regional finalist for Wellington was from the Hutt Valley and was So Fine Seafood at 2 Tennyson Avenue, Avalon, Lower Hutt.

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I have freqented here and must say while not highly visible to the public being off High Street it certainly draws the crowds come Friday. Disappointingly they dont have EFTPOS which I always find annoying, and has caused me to travel further afield on occasion.

As for the rest of the Valley, finalists were:

Moby Dick’s Fish & Chip 51 Witako Street, Lower Hutt

Samo’s Seafood 52 Holdsworth Ave, Upper Hutt

Waterloo Fisheries 1 Hardy Street, Lower Hutt

Blue Island Seafood 131 Randwick Road, Lower Hutt

All competitions aren’t created equal and remember it was for the best chip not the fish, but great result for the Valley.

Whats your favourite?

My winner would be Ocean Blue Seafoods, the most cleanest, polite, prompt service I have had in the Valley. They are at 812 High Street corner of High Street and Park Road.

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October 30, 2009 at 1:06 am

Hutt Valley: Stormy Spring weather hits the Valley

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Thursday night brought heavy downpours across the entire Hutt Valley with surface flooding in several areas including the old Hutt Road reported from early morning. The Open Polythechnic was hit by two slips during the night which sent dirt and trees into the building on its eastern side. Lower Hutt experienced the highest recorded rainfall in the region with 69mm from 8pm last night to 8am this morning. Further heavy rainfall was experienced in late morning as well.

Conditions are not expected to improve tonight with further heavy rainfall forecast in the Tararuas and again across the Valley, late Saturday also has more of the same predicted.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic River levels at Silverstream Bridge Upper Hutt at midday

Several events have been moved in anticipation of the weather including the Upper Hutt Highland Gathering a national Scottish festival has moved already to the wet weather alternative at Heretaunga College.

 At this stage there is no news on alternative arrangements for the Belmont Spring Festival (returning after a 10 year hiatus) but the wet weather alternative day is 31st October.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Waiwhetu stream hit 2 year flood levels early Friday morning, but had abated by noon.

Eastbourne flooding earlier in the morning.

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October 16, 2009 at 2:44 am