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Lower Hutt: Three car crash at Avalon turnoff.

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A serious car accident occurred last night  involving three cars at the intersection of State Highway 2 and Fairway Drive, Avalon. Six people were taken to hospital, one serious.

Emergency services attended the crash which occurred about 7pm.  As a result of the accident the Kennedy Good Bridge remained closed till about 10pm, as the Police conducted an accident investigation.

Police are also seeking witnesses to the accident. Please call Detective Sergeant Steve Harwood at the Lower Hutt police station on 560-2674, if you can help.


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November 26, 2009 at 8:39 am

Silverstream: Liquor off-licence granted

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Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, unfortunately under current legislation in NZ, the LLA can only consider applications based upon the context of the Liquor Act., the result an off-licence granted.

Approval has been given for an off-licence alcohol business to open in Silverstream, despite the Liquor Licensing Authority recognising “clear evidence that public antipathy to the proposal was endemic”.

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Mrs Patel is doing no wrong under this act, and as such has made a consideration for her licence application by closing her shop doors in the period raised by objectors, something she did not have to do, but no doubt to appease those greatly concerned.

The Judge as I mentioned was faced with the context of the law, and while aware of objections I believe had no other position available than to grant the application with provisos of the applicant, that is closing in the period she mentioned. He has a number of discretionary conditions he can put on the application as well. The Police and other agencies are also tied by the fact that the applicant is doing no wrong in applying and not breaking any rules, just applying for a commercial licence to sell liquor as is allowed in NZ.

“It is our view that we have no option other than to grant the application. The company fulfils all the criteria …
“However, we do have the right to fix the days and hours of trade … we believe that we have a duty to take into account the likely impact of this new business on the neighbourhood. In doing so we must consider the effect on young people who are attending the nearby schools,” Judge Unwin’s decision says.

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The fault is fact lies with current legislation that does not take into consideration public concerns around liquor distribution, and the current backlash against liquor outlets that has increased in recent times. New legislation is before Parliament in May next year I think, to change the context of the act, but that could take several months knowing legalisation.

Judge Unwin acknowledged the community response and the objectors presenting “as a cohesive body who were very concerned about what they saw as a detrimental impact that the proposal would have on the current village culture of Silverstream”.

The “close knit and engaged community did not want the proposal to proceed”.

“The impact of the evidence was such that the application might well have been refused, had there been the power to do so,” Judge Unwin’s decision says.

“However, the application has to be determined on the criteria set out in the Sale of Liquor Act 1989, and not on the wish of the people. The fact that a new bottle store is unwelcome in a community is not a ground for refusing to grant a licence.”

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Take heed that the Police are actively managing bad outlets to combat problems in this area,  very strongly in the Hutt Valley. If you are caught selling to underaged or other infringements under the act it is highly unlikely your licence will not be renewed. Unfortunately current crap legislation opened the gate to the growth of suburban liquor outlets, without input from the community. We were suppose to be a mature nation around liquor consumption. The concession over the opening hours does go some way to meeting Silverstream community concerns, but I doubt strongly with legislation akin to Pokies licences, which is advocated in liquor discussion document that this outlet would have gone ahead. Timing is everything.



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November 26, 2009 at 7:21 am

Eastbourne: Car in water by Days Bay.

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Lower Hutt police said they received a call at 1.00pm after a passerby spotted a car with a man sitting on its roof in the harbour just north of Eastbourne.

A white Nissan Cefiro stationwagon had fallen more than two metres on to rocks near Days Bay Eastbourne.

The crash was caused by driver inattention and speed was not a factor.

The driver, in his 40s, was heading north along Marine Drive when he was distracted and his car left the road at a point before Days Bay. The driver got out of the upturned car himself with only a small cut or bruise on his face, and it is likely he will face charges.


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November 25, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Lower Hutt: Police recover car stolen in Avalon home invasion

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Police have found a car stolen in an Avalon home invasion and aggravated robbery on Saturday morning.

The blue BMW was recovered in Lower Hutt, two days after four men forced their way into and took the vehicle’s keys from occupants of a house on Charleston Avenue, Avalon.

Police appealed for anyone who had seen the BMW, registration ZX9069, on the roads over the past few days to contact them.

Police still are not ruling out the robbers were the same ones who staged a home invasion last Wednesday, in Stokes Valley in which a man was shot in the leg and a woman repeatedly bashed with a shotgun butt.

Police have urged Hutt Valley residents to be security conscious, telling them to lock their doors and report any suspicious behaviour following these two attacks.

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November 17, 2009 at 1:41 am

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Lower Hutt: House Fire Cornwall Street Update

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From Police website

Lower Hutt


Lower Hutt Residents Evacuated From Inferno

Part of a Lower Hutt residential street remains cordoned off today while Fire and Police investigators attempt to determine the cause of a large blaze that has destroyed or extensively damaged 6 addresses.

An unoccupied address under construction in Cornwall Street was discovered well alight by a passing Police patrol at about 1.30 am this morning.

Numerous fire appliances struggled to contain the fire that was fanned by strong and blusterous winds. Before the fire was controlled 4 neighbouring addresses were extensively damaged with others suffering smoke damage.

Detective Sergeant Mike Sears of the Lower Hutt CIB said “This was an incredibly dangerous situation. Emergency staff, assisted by members of the public, did an outstanding job evacuating all those exposed to risk despite the obvious risks to their own safety. It is amazing that no-one was physically harmed.”

Given the extent of the damage it will take some time before we are in a position to determine the cause of the fire. At this stage we are simply not in a position to say if it was deliberately lit or not.

Despite this we urgently need to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time, regardless of whether they think they saw anything suspicious or not.” Please call the Lower Hutt Police on 5602600.

Mike Sears
Detective Sergeant
Lower Hutt CIB


Full photos and article courtesy of  Hutt Valley Fire Police Unit from the night of the incident.

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November 15, 2009 at 4:38 pm

Lower Hutt: House Fire in central Hutt

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There was a large fire in the early morning at a house in central Lower Hutt.
The house where the fire started was completely destroyed and six neighbouring houses were damaged.

At this stage the fire is being treated as suspicious.

Full photos and article courtesy of  Hutt Valley Fire Police Unit

Written by HuttNZ

November 15, 2009 at 8:59 am

Lower Hutt: Another home invasion this time in Avalon.

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Early this morning saw the second home invasion in the Hutt Valley. Whilst not on the level of the Stokes Valley attack it is rather worrying that the nature of these attacks is increasing. Two things spring to mind economic hardship and drugs

Three people, including an elderly woman, were upset, but physically unharmed, after four men forced their way into their Lower Hutt home early today.

Lower Hutt police said the woman, in her nineties, and another adult couple were awoken by the four men forcing the front door of the Charleston Avenue, Avalon, home.

“The males made a hasty search before leaving with some property and the victims’ BMW motor vehicle,” said Detective Sergeant Mike Sears of Lower Hutt CIB.

“The victims are obviously very upset, but thankfully received no physical injuries.

“We are still investigating the motive for this crime.”

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Police are trying to establish if there are any links between this and the Stokes Valley incident, and need help to locate the four young men.

Keep your eyes out for the stolen car, a blue BMW, registration ZX9069.

More indepth detail in this Herald report has emerged (Sunday) and Police now believe of the posssibility that a gang  of assilants is operating in the Hutt Valley.


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November 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm