Petone: Community Board utilizing YouTube

Since the beginning of this year the Petone Community Board has started uploading video clips to YouTube.

The guiding and main provider is Mason Branch, who says promoting the area in his spare time is a worthwhile pursuit and an opportunity to show off whats going on there.

The conscious decision is to cover material appropriate to the geographical area of the Community Board, hence Korokoro, Petone and Moera feature and include people or activities appropriate to those areas.

No doubt a growing resource (4 so far) and appropriate to building community identity. Credit to Mason for voluteering his time and effort to give such polished productions that offer value back to the community.

Subscribe and watch at PCBonthetube

I include one below on Jackson Street Fiesta from earlier this year.

Western Hills: Flying Pickle the local community blog

Well I have been aware of this publication “Flying Pickle” for some time, and felt it appropriate to bring it to the attention of residents in the Korokoro, Maungaraki and Normandale Community who were not aware of it, hard not to be as the newsletter ends up in your letterbox.

Unlike my personal rantings on this site about the Hutt Valley it truly is a suburbs community website with the ability of the local residents opinion to be expressed without prejudice. Have a look if your interested in the concerns of this area.

From the site itself:  

Flying Pickle is a free community website for suburbs of Korokoro, Maungaraki and Normandale. Our goal is to bring the community together in an open and democratic environment where people can exchange views, news, opinions, advertise their businesses in a friendly and non-intrusive manner as well as find help and support from others.

Online edition – free and open is where it’s at for people and businesses in Western Hills.
Everyone is invited to post news, views, opinions, whatever you want to share with people around you. The website is completely free, including advertising content. Come, tell us about your business. We want to shop local!

Print edition – free for local readers

The best of the online content is sent out in the Flying Pickle Print Edition, regularly delivered free to every household around Korokoro, Maungaraki and Normandale. The publication is non-profit and has no more than 1/3 of its space taken by advertising and classifieds to cover the cost.

Give it a go

If you’re in a pickle about something around town, let the community know. We want YOU to get online, spill your beans, and help spread the word on what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

It’s a great place to advertise your Hutt Business too if it applies as a fair percentage of the Lower Hutt City populace lives on them their hills. Go give them a visit.

Dont forget the Days Bay blog of local happenings in Eastbourne as well.