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Fire at Haywards Substation

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A fire caused by an explosion at a Wellington substation has been extinguished.

Staff at the Haywards Substation were installing a new piece of equipment just before midday when it tripped and caused the blaze in a confined basement area.

The fire was under control by 4pm.

Further details at Hutt Valley Fire Police Unit website as they emerge

No-one was injured in the explosion.


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September 22, 2009 at 4:32 am

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Hutt Valley: Upper & Lower Hutt experiencing record temperatures

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Record high temperature for Upper Hutt

By ROSEMARY McLENNAN – Upper Hutt Leader

Upper Hutt’s temperature of almost 20 degrees celsius on Saturday, August 15, rivalled the highest for any August since 1947.

NIWA’s only Upper Hutt weather station – at Wallaceville – recorded 19.9 degrees on August 15.

The highest August temperature at the station since records stated there in 1939 was 20.0 degrees in 1947.

The highest winter temperature at the station was 20.2 degrees in June 1973.

Following on from this, last Saturday in Lower Hutt was 20 degrees.

Is it me or are the temperatures for this time of year way above average for this time of year. Must go and do some more research, but it seems we have quickly moved from the depths of Winter in late July to temperatures that are extremely mild, equally the rainfall is way down for this time of year.

Is that the reason for the spate of earthquakes as well, so says my mum.

Well as I said some more research needed, but if this continues expect a drought come February March 2010. I said it here first.


Written by HuttNZ

September 16, 2009 at 6:05 am

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Lower Hutt: Housing battle at Farmer Cres cost New Zealand more than $250,000

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Housing battle costs NZ $250,000 (Source: ONE News)ONE News

The battle to evict a group of state house tenants with gang connections in Lower Hutt’s troubled Farmer Crescent, has cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a million dollars.

In March, Housing New Zealand gave five tenants who are either the partners or friends of Mongrel Mob members, three months to leave their state houses.

However the move has promoted allegations of gang intimidation, and now Housing New Zealand is paying up to protect the property.

Figures obtained by ONE News show legal costs have reached at least $15,000 whilst installation and monitoring of security systems have cost around $13,500.

But the biggest cost has been community security patrols that have cost more than $56,000 and security guards that have cost more than $230,000.

Housing New Zealand says security is part of their business where they have troubled communities.

This no doubt explains the presence of security personal outside of HNZ offices at Lower Hutt in recent months, as a precaution and the protection of staff who might have been intimidated by Mongrol Mob members. This issue is still not resolved, is it a sign that we are over cautious in our dealings with gang related issues in NZ.
Is our political correctness getting in the way of protecting others from their rights, that is normal citizens. I’m quite sure Michael Laws if in charge of HNZ might have the issue resolved by now!

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September 2, 2009 at 1:39 am

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Tranz Metro – Are Wellington trains that bad?

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TVNZ Breakfast yesterday did an article on Tranz Metro and the level of dissatisfaction there is from commuters who use the service. None of this is news to our regular readers, but you probably missed the item yesterday as you were travelling via rail, no doubt on time to work.

The most interesting part is the comment in the interview at the end with Kiwi Rail GM of Passenger Services and how everything should be right within 2 years. The question is will you wait that long or find alternatives?

The quality off the above video is marginal check here for the original if you wish to watch your travel woes in better quality.

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August 25, 2009 at 8:32 am

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Hutt Radio – Inaugral Public Meeting

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You might ask what is Hutt Radio, it is the effort of a number of key players who have been trying for a number of years to establish a community based non commercial radio network in the Hutt Valley.

To gain a greater insight visit their website, but some background info is posted below along with details as to the meeting.

Eddie O’Strange is one of the key proponents and as part of the charter of the licence has called a public meeting to gauge public support as well as answer any questions.

If you are curious, can contribute, or just wish to attend, it would be greatly appreciated. 

But in brief, what is Hutt Radio all about:-


A terrestrial FM station for the Hutt Region, New Zealand.

Our focus is the Hutt Region. Our coverage: Greater Wellington.

Station site: Lower Hutt. Transmitter site: Mt KauKau.

Demographics Target:

The middle-aged and elderly. [This makes us unique among the 30-plus radio stations in this airspace.]

Hutt Radio is a community station. A “non-commercial” licence. The second “access” station in Greater Wellington’s airspace.

In industry jargon, here’s WHAT HUTT RADIO IS:

“Hutt Radio is a mature market, Hutt-centric, interactive, subscriber-based, non-commercial, heritage station, serving as the hub for flow-on components.”

The meeting:-


Sunday 30th August, TAITA  RSA, 14 Tocker Street
2 pm start-time — hopefully wrapped by about 3.15 pm
(There will be time after this to meet, to mix and mingle.)

A strong show of support is needed to get this valuable Hutt Region asset underway. A well-attended gathering
will help with funding issues, and will satisfy some of the licensing requirements of various Government agencies.

At the same time, YOU will find out whatever you want to know about Hutt Radio. Questions will be welcome!

You can just turn up, but we’d prefer you to “RSVP”.
Eddie:  Phone 565-3164

*Join the Trustees, the Patrons, and Local Dignitaries*

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August 19, 2009 at 1:17 am

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Hutt Valley: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

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ChangeMakers Refugee Forum (see here)
Youth Media Workshop

In July 2009, refugee-background young people from Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand came together for one day to write about stuff they’re passionate about and to make a short film. This is their Message to the World and the thanks for their new country.

Written by HuttNZ

August 12, 2009 at 4:43 am

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Storm causes damage throughout Hutt Valley

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With steady rain falling from 11.00am yesterday, and several major falls throughout the afternoon the storm that hit the region unleashed its worst on certain areas of the Hutt Valley. Early indications via weather radar from (excellent resource & service) showed the region was going to get some heavy rainfall. By all indications the worst bands of rainfall appear around Mid Valley from Silverstream through to Stokes Valley and further north in  Upper Hutt.

The impact was worst felt around 5pm onwards what with the combined rainfall and continuing heavy rain impacting on certain suburbs,  Upper Hutt, Silverstream, Stokes Valley and the northern Lower Hutt suburbs were most affected. At 4pm the Hutt river was 1.3 metres high. By 6.30pm it had peaked at 4.3 metres at the monitoring station alongside Hulls Creek.

At the Silverstream underpass a mother and three young children were trapped in rising waters, a fire engine rescued them by driving alongside and ferrying them to safety. The Eastern Hutt Road was roughly under about a metre of water in certain parts resulting from Hulls Creek breaching its banks and rising Hutt river flows. Around Stokes Valley several reports were coming in via our Twitter account of flooding of certain streets and access to Stokes Valley blocked, by people directly affected by the weather.

 Across the other side of the valley Sh 58 was closed due to minor slips.  The Fire Service was very busy responded to 35 weather-related callouts and further to that the Rimutaka road was closed from 8pm to 9pm due to high winds and again minor slips the result of the weather onslaught.

The biggest emergency of the night was the derailment of the Wairarapa train (5.33 from Wellington) at 6.20pm just north of Upper Hutt at Maymorn. About 300 passengers were stranded in a tunnel after the Trains locomotive ploughed into a wall of mud and debris and derailed as it left a tunnel at Maymorn.

The impact knocked the engine and one carriage about a metre off the tracks. Six other carriages stayed on the tracks but were stranded in the tunnel. No one was injured which given the time of night and number of people involved was extremely lucky. Passengers were stuck inside for more than 2 hours before being moved to the rear 3 carriages, which were pulled to Upper Hutt station by a second locomotive.

They were then bussed to the Wairarapa, but again impacted by the Rimutaka Road being closed. It was quite fortunate that this incident was not a major disaster given the timing and weather influences. This no doubt was a harrowing incident for those involved as no doubt communication of the incident etc took time to emerge and the two hours in the dark and stormy conditions. But they are a hardy bunch those Wairarapa commuters.

Today  investigators are visiting the accident site and rail engine recovery is underway. KiwiRail says it wil be several days before the line is open, as the crash site is isolated, and the short timeframe and limited replacement buses cannot meet demand so today there is no Wairarapa service.

It was an extremely wet and wild night, not to unfamiliar to the Hutt Valley but the given the timing of peak impact fortunate that fatalities were not involved, especially with regard to the rail incident. 

Thanks to everyone for their contributions last night and updates via Twitter and DM, it was busy. I hope that you were not to impacted by this weather incident. Todays weather unfortunately is a lighter version of yesterdays. Winter in the Hutt, probably a payback for last weekends brillant weather.

PS Check back later as postings become available from Emergency service websites.

Written by HuttNZ

July 23, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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