Lower Hutt Griffins Gingernuts better

This from TVNZ Fair Go the other night, it appears that Gingernut Biscuits taste better from the Lower Hutt factory than from their Auckland factory. They will replace them if you think the taste is different. 

Mount Maunganui man Brian Cotter got in touch to say he wasn’t happy with the last batch of Griffin’s Gingernuts he bought – they were card-boardy, he said. When he rang Griffin’s customer services they said they’d had a bunch of complaints, and the problem started when Griffin’s shifted all the biscuit-making from their Lower Hutt factory to their Auckland factory.

There was a problem with the new machinery involving about 31,000 packets of Gingernuts, but now the teething problems have been sorted. Griffin’s said it was only about the texture and appearance of the gingernuts; the recipe hasn’t changed. Brian says no, they taste different.

Fair Go did its own test and we thought that both the “old biscuits” that Brian liked and the “problem” biscuits were pretty similar in taste – but the problem biscuits were harder and crunchier! No-one thought they were “card-boardy”. So Brian – taste really is an individual thing.

If you are unhappy with your packet of Gingernuts ring Griffin’s on 0800 GRIFFINS – that’s 0800 47433467.

And finally, Gordon found an English biscuit expert Stuart Payne who’s mad about the things – comparing them with a fine single malt whisky in his book Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down. Check out his website for more.