Petone: New Cycleway at Petone entrance

A new cycleway connection at Petone is set to improve access and safety for bikers and walkers this summer.

Currently walkers and cyclists exiting or entering Petone from Ngauranga have to negotiate the large Petone roundabout.

A new off road cycle/walkway will run from the Water Ski Club access road, under the Petone overbridges and along to Hutt Road next to the roundabout, where it will connect into the existing cycleway.  This will separate walkers and cyclists from other traffic, allowing them to travel safely.  

A ramp will also be built from the Water Ski Club access road up to the southbound SH2 Petone on ramp to provide a link to the existing Petone to Ngauranga cycleway.

Work, including the construction of a new bridge over the Korokoro stream, is expected to be complete in November. 

The improvements are a joint initiative between NZTA and the Hutt City Council and build on the recently completed crossing and warning signage at the SH2 Petone off ramp and improved road marking and surfacing between Ngauranga and Petone.

Currently there is a major court case being held in Lower Hutt over the death of a cyclist at this intersection, this development will enable people not to be exposed to the dangers this court case illustrates.

Hutt Cycleways to get big boost

The HCC will bump up its spending on cycleways by $200,000 to $350,000 per annum.

This is an acknowledgement of strong public support for improved cycling facilities in surveys and as part of the LTCCP.

A priority for 2009/2010 budget will be work on a River Trail cycleway between Manor Park and Silverstream. At present cyclists are forced to dice with motorised traffic on the highway at tht point.

Hutt River Trail

Hutt River Trail

$10,000 will also be set aside as the Hutts contribution to a detailed investigation of the Great Harbour Way, a proposed 5 metre cycleway/walkway running from Red Rocks in Wellington, all the way around the harbour to Burdons Gate at Eastbourne.