Upper Hutt Police grateful for CCTV

Upper Hutt Police are grateful for the CCTV cameras which helped them identify and catch a group of young thieves who had stolen from a 14 year old autistic boy.

The incident occurred at approximately 4pm on the Wednesday 2nd September 2009 at the Upper Hutt Railway Station. The boy had been waiting at a bus shelter when a group of youths formulated a plan to steal his school bag.

While the boy was not looking, one of the youths threw the victim’s school bag across the station subway area into the waiting arms of two others. Two of the group rifled through the boy’s bag taking a cell phone and wallet, items which he depended on for communicating with his family.

After removing the items, the group threw the bag back across the railway station towards the victim.

The boy became very distraught when he noticed his bag missing. He was visibly shaken and vulnerable and was comforted by a bus driver at the time.

Upper Hutt police conducted area patrols of the railway station and surrounding streets. Members of the public provided information regarding the youth’s whereabouts and they were apprehended by Police. Two youths have been referred to Police Youth Aid for their offending.

“The combination of evidence from CCTV footage, members of the public has helped us to track down these youths and return this boy’s property. CCTV is very a valuable tool and we’re very grateful that we have it”, said Constable Dave Higgins, who was one of the attending officers.

Constable Higgins commented that with further advances in the CCTV technology in the city, apprehensions of offenders for similar type offending could be greatly enhanced.

Via NZ Police

2 thoughts on “Upper Hutt Police grateful for CCTV

  1. What a terrible crime. This would be bad enough for any 14 year old to go through but the fact that the boy was autistic makes this despicable. I have friends with autistic children and this would be very hard for the child to handle and very hard and probably impossible to forget.

    We really need to come down hard on this sort of crime. Crime is out of control in this country and more CCTV has unfortunately become a necessity.

    It is no wonder so many New Zealanders look for a safer existence in another country like Australia.

  2. Like you Murray I wonder what goes through the minds of these who committed the crime. If they had an knowledge of the boys condition then the full weight of the law should apply.

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