Lower Hutt: Housing battle at Farmer Cres cost New Zealand more than $250,000

Housing battle costs NZ $250,000 (Source: ONE News)ONE News

The battle to evict a group of state house tenants with gang connections in Lower Hutt’s troubled Farmer Crescent, has cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a million dollars.

In March, Housing New Zealand gave five tenants who are either the partners or friends of Mongrel Mob members, three months to leave their state houses.

However the move has promoted allegations of gang intimidation, and now Housing New Zealand is paying up to protect the property.

Figures obtained by ONE News show legal costs have reached at least $15,000 whilst installation and monitoring of security systems have cost around $13,500.

But the biggest cost has been community security patrols that have cost more than $56,000 and security guards that have cost more than $230,000.

Housing New Zealand says security is part of their business where they have troubled communities.

This no doubt explains the presence of security personal outside of HNZ offices at Lower Hutt in recent months, as a precaution and the protection of staff who might have been intimidated by Mongrol Mob members. This issue is still not resolved, is it a sign that we are over cautious in our dealings with gang related issues in NZ.
Is our political correctness getting in the way of protecting others from their rights, that is normal citizens. I’m quite sure Michael Laws if in charge of HNZ might have the issue resolved by now!

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