Chris Hipkins MP opinions on Hutt Super City possibility

Extracted from Chris Hipkins (Rimutaka Labour MP) blog  it takes a strong stance on attitude to Super City legislation (no doubt partially fuelled from being in opposition) and the impact it could have on the Hutt Valley (are we next in line?) . It appears fairly obviously that the agenda around local government is moving, and fast.

 I think it is important that we clearly think about the road ahead if this was to occur. Given strong feeling against police merger what does the Hutt Valley feel around this? I would appreciate your comments.

Chris Hipkins comments and blog

“Fundamentally I objected to the Super City legislation being pushed through parliament under Urgency because the people of Auckland haven’t had their chance to have a say on it. I think any reform as significant and extensive as the Auckland Super City proposal needs to be endorsed by a referendum,” Chris Hipkins said.

“While the government don’t seem to have immediate plans to replicate the Super City concept anywhere else, I am still concerned that many within National see the merger of the two Hutt Valley councils as inevitable.

“Before I support any reform of local government in the Hutt Valley I would need to be convinced that local people want it. From the feedback I’ve had so far, I sense there is a strong desire to keep our two local councils separate,” Chris Hipkins said.

Mr Hipkins said he had asked Local Government Minister Rodney Hide whether he had received any advice on the possible merger of the two Hutt councils and he confirmed that he had received some background information ahead of meetings he had recently with local mayors Wayne Guppy and David Ogden. Mr Hipkins has requested a copy of that information under the Official Information Act.

“While Rodney Hide claims a local government amalgamation in the Hutt Valley is not currently part of his plans, I’m still not convinced it won’t make it onto the government’s agenda in the near future.

“If they follow the same process they did with Auckland, our two councils could be merged, either with each other or as part of a wider Wellington council amalgamation and local people wouldn’t have a chance to have their say. That’s something I would actively oppose” Chris Hipkins said.

Mr Hipkins said the strong opposition to the proposed merger of the Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt police districts showed that Upper Hutt people in particular have a genuine desire to maintain a separate identity.

“Local government is about local communities. In my view central government shouldn’t go tampering with that unless they have a mandate from the people affected.

3 thoughts on “Chris Hipkins MP opinions on Hutt Super City possibility

  1. Having realised the possibility of amalgamation here in the Hutt Valley, we should push for public opinion. I’m not in the bit interested in the opinions of the two city councils on this issue. It is the people who must decide, not politicians interested only in the retention of power!

    What I look at is the possible forced amalgamation with Wellington City of the Hutt Valley, Porirua and the Kapiti Coast. We should take matters into our own hands. Hutt Valley has never been part of Wellington City who have always regarded us as dormitory suburbs of Wellington City. But Lower Hutt, about 95,000, and Upper Hutt, about 45,000, together are very close to the population of Wellington City.

    Our two cities should have been amalgamated in 1989, when all the rest of the area, boroughs and county,were forcibly amalgamated. It makes sense to do it now on our own volition. The Hutt News and Upper hutt leader could run opinion polls every couple of moths for six months to put pressure on the council. Please get our MP’s opinion on this idea. I will write letters to both newspapers over the next few weeks to try and foster support. It wouldl have to be a total non-political party bias to achieve our goal!

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