Pomare Eviction continues – How long now? The never ending story of Farmer Crescent

The media reported this morning that the continuing saga around the case of  three Lower Hutt women looks set to continue in their fight to remain in their state houses, despite the Court of Appeal dismissing their case. The families were issued an eviction notice from their Pomare homes in March last year, but they […]

Pomare: Farmer Cres tenants last opportunity

The never ending story continues with another twist The three Pomare women fighting eviction from their state homes have been given a final opportunity to overturn earlier court rulings that the evictions are lawful. They sought leave on Wednesday to appeal against a High Court decision which ruled against them. Their lawyer Liz Hall said the case raised […]

Lower Hutt: Housing battle at Farmer Cres cost New Zealand more than $250,000

ONE News WATCH the video (2:15) The battle to evict a group of state house tenants with gang connections in Lower Hutt’s troubled Farmer Crescent, has cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a million dollars. In March, Housing New Zealand gave five tenants who are either the partners or friends of Mongrel Mob members, […]

Pomare evictions (Farmer Cres) to appeal Court decision

Three Lower Hutt families with gang connections have filed appeals against a Tenancy Tribunal decision that would see them evicted from their state houses. They are fighting moves to get them kicked out of the suburb of Pomare after neighbours complained about intimidation, threats and burglary. In March, five households in Farmer Cres with Mongrel […]

Lower Hutt Gang linked Farmer Cres households take legal action

Gang-linked households facing eviction from Lower Hutt’s troubled Farmer Cres are taking legal action to avoid being forced out. They have also lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, claiming the forced eviction bid unfairly punishes women and up to 16 children. Tenants in five state houses in the street were given 90 days […]

Pomare: Tenants of Farmers Cres lose out to Housing NZ

In March this year Housing NZ served 90-day notices to three women living in a Farmer Crescent state housing block after neighbours complained about intimidation, threats and burglary. Police arrested and charged several Mongrel Mob members as a result of investigations, some of whom were partners of the tenants in question. The tenants refused to […]