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Hutt Radio and others

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Its been a while since I updated on Hutt Radios progress. This project has developed over the last 4 months from their requests for announcers to their first public meeting and earlier developments .

But I am happy to release the latest news following their early hard work and funding issues:

Hutt Radio, the new community station now on 106.1 FM,
hopefully has most of  the inevitable teething problems solved.
The Trustees are pleased to finally have BBC World on-air,
24 hours a day. Technically, this is the “test broadcast” phase.
It won’t be too long before some live local content is inserted
on a regular basis, in partnership with the BBC World Service.

Current coverage is the whole of the Hutt Valley from the
southern end of Upper Hutt, right down the valley to Petone.
Until the Trust can afford to site the transmitter on a hilltop,
some areas in the Western Hills will be unable to pick it up.

The transmission is from a NaeNae rooftop. FM radio is a
“line of sight” signal, so houses tucked behind a bit of hillside
won’t receive it. Nor will steel-reinforced concrete buildings.
Cars with Japanese radios will need to insert an expander.
Hutt Radio should eventually cover the entire Hutt Region.

via Hutt Radio

Congratulations all around to those involved as the continuing hard work is paying dividends. I look forward with interest to their continuing development in 2010.

Network radio is the current business model but I for one would like to see Hutt Radio succeed if only to provide a conduit for local voices, that seems to have been lost in the drive for commercial success.

As a sidebar the development of this community asset piqued my interest in the history around earlier radio broadcasting in the Hutt Valley (does anyone remember KIX FM?) but also similar activities already underway.

Several other broadcasters exist in this area that I have uncovered (albeit LPFM and/or internet based) which while limited in their range and coverage show the desire of others to express themselves via broadcasting. Whilst not all about community some show interest, and with the desire to broadcast on a network basis by the bigger radio stations the role of a community station servicing only the Hutt community is novel in todays world.

Visiting the NZ LPFM website provides insight into a list of 29 stations within Wellington of which 7 are in the Hutt region. Registration is voluntary and there could be more, but does show the diversity of people wishing to pursue their avenue of broadcasting, some with local content.

My chance to plug two that I have listened to (and know they are around) and like

The Cheese
Frequency: 88.4 FM
Broadcast Area: Wellington, Wainuiomata
Description: The Cheese is commencing broadcast shortly. Covering a base of music from the 80s, 90s and Today.
Contact: Grant Thoms (Email:

Grant of the The Cheese is also on Twitter as

Upper Hutts River FM
Frequency: 88.1 FM
Broadcast Area: Wellington, Upper Hutt
Description: The station has been broadcasting since Feb 2009. It is a community station broadcasting community information and interviews as well as a wide range of music.
Phone: 0274367890
Contact: Craig (Email:

These guys are also on YouTube

No doubt they have other social media addresses and I apologise if they are not your best avenues or are out of date.

Does anyone else have any favourites that are out there?

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January 31, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Wainuiomata: Youths detained as result of arson attempt

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Three young people will be referred to Police Youth Aid after a second small fire was discovered at a school in Wainuiomata on Saturday.

The fire was started in a pile of wood at St Claudine Thevenet School, but did not take hold, said Police.

Earlier in the day, a classroom at Pukeatua Primary School, also in Wainuiomata, was destroyed by fire which police are treating as arson.

However, they do not believe the two fires are linked and have made no arrests in connection with the Pukeatua fire.

Written by HuttNZ

January 4, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Wainuiomata: Fire at Primary School

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Police are investigating a suspicious fire at a Wainuiomata primary school.

Emergency services were called to the blaze at Pukeatua Primary School in Wainuiomata about 4pm Saturday, Detective Sergeant Scott Cooper, of Lower Hutt police, said.

Fire crews arrived to find the outside decking and one of the classrooms fully engulfed in flames.

The fire was brought under control before it could spread to other areas of the school, Cooper said.

Fire investigators and police said the blaze appeared to be deliberately lit.

via TVNZ

Written by HuttNZ

January 3, 2010 at 12:15 pm

Wainuiomata: Second helicopter rescue in a day

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For the second time in a day the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to Wainuiomata last night around 7.30pm to a Motor Vehicle Accident

The helicopter, with a Wellington Free Ambulance Helicopter Paramedic on board, responded to the crash site in Wainuiomata. The Fire Service had established a landing area.

On arrival all of the occupants of the vehicle were out. The Paramedic treated a 20yr old female from Johnsonville who a passenger in the vehicle for neck injuries.

The female patient was transported to the Wellington Hospital Emergency Department where she is currently being further assessed and treated for her injuries.

Written by HuttNZ

November 26, 2009 at 7:40 am

Wainuiomata: Baby flown to hospital

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A six-month-old boy has been flown to Wellington Hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to his milk formula.

The Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to the boy’s home in Wainuiomata just after 10am.

The fire service established a landing area for the helicopter and the child was transported to hospital with his mother.

Via Newstalk ZB

Written by HuttNZ

November 25, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Wainuiomata: Woman trapped under dead horse

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A woman was trapped under her dead horse this afternoon.

The woman was part of a group of three riders on the Wainuiomata South Coast when her horse suffered a seizure, falling to the ground and trapping her underneath. She was knocked unconscious in the fall, and her helmet was heavily damaged.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called and she was conscious but groggy by the time the helicopter had arrived upon which she was flown to Wellington Hospital to be placed under supervision.

Written by HuttNZ

November 22, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Wainuiomata: Car rolls on Hill road

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A car rolled on the Wainuiomata Hill road at approximately 12 o’clock. The accident was believed to be caused by a diesel spill on the road. Traffic was held up at the time, but is now clear following the accident scene been cleared by Police.

At this stage no serious injuries have been reported.

Written by HuttNZ

November 6, 2009 at 12:48 am

Wainuiomata: Hill road car crash

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A two-car crash had forced the closure of one lane on the Wainuiomata Hill Rd late yesterday afternoon.

Police said one of the vehicles had rolled, and at the time of reporting it was not yet known whether anyone has injured.

Traffic experienced delays of about 45 minutes due to the crash.

Written by HuttNZ

September 28, 2009 at 1:45 pm

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Wainuiomata: People in Police custody following Shotgun incident

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Three people are continuing to help Police after an incident that is suspected to be gang related occurred in Wainuiomata. The incident followed a shotgun discharge in Castlerea St which sparked an Armed Offenders Squad callout in the early afternoon following a report from a member of the public.

 The media is reporting no-one is injured and the incident was over by 4pm, with the AOS been stood down earlier. At this stage no firearm has been recovered and Police are continuing their investigation with the occupants of the house.

Written by HuttNZ

September 25, 2009 at 4:35 am

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Wainuiomata: Man gets 7-1/2 years for attack

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A jealous lover was today jailed for a claw hammer attack on a man who he believed to be his ex-girlfriend’s new partner.

Trevor William Grindrod, 34, was sentenced at the High Court in Wellington to seven years and nine months imprisonment.

Justice Warwick Gendall said that six weeks after Grindrod split with his girlfriend, he visited her house uninvited and saw her with a workmate, “you thought, in a mildly amorous situation”.

The man barricaded himself in the bedroom and told Grindrod he had called the police, “but you were not to be denied,” attacking him with the claw hammer, Justice Gendall said.

“This was an unprovoked, prolonged, gratuitous attack with a lethal weapon,” Justice Gendall said.

“You were fortunate you did not kill the complainant.”

Crown prosecutor Kate Feltham said Grindrod walked from Wainuiomata to the workmate’s Lower Hutt house, “picking up” the hammer on the way.

He smashed his way into the property through a window, broke through the bedroom door and began hitting the man in the head and body with the hammer, adding punches and kicks.

The attack spilled into the bathroom where Grindrod ripped a vanity from the wall and attempted to beat his victim with it.

Grindrod told police he was trying to kill the man and was initially charged with attempted murder.

This was later reduced to injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

His victim suffered numerous injuries including a broken nose, but after months of physiotherapy escaped long term physical damage.

Justice Gendall noted Grindrod had 20 previous convictions, four of which were for assault and included two attacks on children between late 2007 and early 2008.


At first I had put Mr Grindrods attack as a crime passionnel (or crime of passion) but no sympathy here, previous attacks on children. Mr Grindrod was lucky not to have received the maximum sentence, and it seems his violent past has caught up with him in receipt of this sentencing.

Written by HuttNZ

September 11, 2009 at 10:27 am

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